• The Promotion Management Tool allows you to move business intelligence (BI) resources from one repository to another, manages dependencies of the resources and also rolls back the promoted resources at the destination system, if required. It also supports the management of different versions of the same BI resource.
  • The Version Management Application allows you to maintain different versions of BI resources that exist in the BI platform repository. To facilitate this feature, the tool includes Subversion version control system
  • Visual Difference allows you to view the differences between two versions of a supported file type (LCMBIAR) or a supported object type (LCM Job) or both. You can use this feature to determine the difference between files or objects to develop and maintain different report types. This feature gives a comparison status between the source and the destination versions. For example, if a previous version of the user report is accurate and the current version is inaccurate, you can compare and analyze the file to evaluate the issue.

Ref: Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide

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