1. You need to get the NppShell.dll system extension from
  2. To install the dll, copy it in notepad++.exe’s folder, and then enter the following command at the cmd.exe prompt is
    regsvr32 /s /i NppShell.dll
    • Not: You need to run the registering command as an admin for it to work. The installer will not do it for you.
  3. Windows facility (you must provide the fulll dll path then) opens a settings dialog box with a few self-explanatory settings: nppshelll
  • For those who would like to disable the context menu, it is possible. Open cmd.exe and cd to your installation folder. At this point, and Notepad++ being closed, enter
    regsvr32 /u NppShell.dll

Detail Information and Reference:


If the file name of notepadd++.exe is different, you can take an error message like this


  1. Open regedit.
  2. Search the value {B298D29A-A6ED-11DE-BA8C-A68E55D89593} by using find command (ctrl + f) and find next command (F3)
  3. Change path value like this:notepadd_settings